MBC Botanicals Fall Sale - 1 Split Kilo & More!

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1 Kilos - in 250g bags that is 4 choices for a full 1 kilos of your favorite mix and match strains!

Choice between Kava Products: 1oz Poly Gold | 1oz Micronized Kava

Choice between Extracts: 5 Grams Rands Remedy | 5 Grams 40x Extract

Choice Between Alternatives: 1Oz Akuamma | 1Oz MitraCoffee | 1Oz Kanna Powder

Harvested fresh from farm And micronized with the freshest harvested kratom as well

Super strong fresh coffee aroma and is made with fresh Green Jong Kong Kratom at a 50/50 blend!

This coffee is named Weng Kopi, according to the owner of the plantation, he is of Chinese descent who cultivates coffee plantations in Kalimantan!

Welcome to the world of

#MBC Botanicals!

Always looking for that perfect morning buzz well why don't you enjoy both your coffee and kratom together!

Exclusive Product #MBC Botanicals has you covered!

50/50 Mix

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