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Our Pink Lady & Special Reserve Blend is a specialty mixture

Special Reserve: is 50 percent green 25 red 25 white
Pink lady: is red and white split evenly with a dash of green
Gold: Put simply, gold kratom is a blend of two or more varieties of kratom. Where you buy your kratom will determine the specific blends you get. Since gold kratom can include so many combinations of kratom strains, each supplier will likely carry only a few.

The name "gold" is used to distinguish gold kratom from all the other naturally occurring strains of kratom. Some gold kratom varieties contain a mix of red, white, and green. While others will include two or more varieties of the same strain.

The final product that comes to be known as gold kratom is ultimately about the kinds of effects the supplier seeks to produce. Some gold kratom varieties are intended to intensify the effects of one strain or another. Other types of gold kratom are designed to create a balance between one strain and another.

Yellow: Simply put, Yellow Kratom is a blend of Kratom that incorporates two or more varying Kratom strains. Just as with Gold Kratom, many will blend white Kratom and red Kratom and then call the resulting mix ‘yellow’


Pink Lady Blend has been evaluated by a great many people around the country, who praise this unique kratom mixture, and have been back for more many times.

If you’re looking for something special and out of the ordinary to add to your kratom rotation schedule, you might want to get some of this wonderful Pink Lady & Special Reserve Blends.

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