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What makes #MBC Botanicals Full Spectrum Extract one of the finest on the market? Well extract is only as good as the powder it comes from and if you take a look at our Lab Report Section then you know it's one of on average the highest on the market! Good leaf usually provides 1.25% Mitragynine Alkaloids. So if that is good quality it must be true what our customers say as on average our powder tests at the 1.6% mark many times being even higher.

We have 3 different strengths available meaning if 20x extract is around 16x more potent then base powder you can see the limitless options you face now! Being a Full Spectrum Extract goes along the lines of still containing most of the alternate alkaloids that are found in the leaf of the kratom plant.

Benefits range from the amount of X in the extract with x20 being the least refined of the options has a lot of the feeling normal powder provides but the main benefit comes from the amount of powder you need to consume for effect! Let's face it none of us "Like" toss and washing but certain situations call for it... on the road? ran out of capsules? instead of a heap full for powder with x20 extract you would only need a fourth of what would normally be close to 5 grams on average!

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