Akkuama seed 20:1 (1 Ounce)

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Akuamma or Picralima Nitida has been used strongly in Africa as a potent herbal medicine mainly as a pain reliever. Multiple types of alkaloids can be found in these wonderfully versatile seeds including Pericine & Akuammine. The Alkaloids present posses skeletal muscle relaxants, inflammation relievers, help with loose bowel movements also including anti-oxidant properties. If you are looking for a botanical that can cover a lot of ground with very little these seeds also help with fever reduction and parasites one of the main uses being to help relieve stomach ulcers with its antiulcer effects.

Akuamma seeds can be introduced as a healing avenue for fever, hypertension, jaundice, dysmenorrhea, malaria and gastrointestinal disorders.

Product: Akuamma Seeds 20:1 Extract - 1 ounce

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