6 for $30 Sample Pack (6 1 Ounce Bags)

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Each Sample Bundle Includes: 28g Kratom Packs x6 totaling 168 grams for $36.00!

Per Pack: 28g pure & tested Mitagyna Speciosa

Unlike many on the market we do not limit what options you wish to choose strain wise for your sample choices any strain of kratom we carry we will always make available for sampling.

Strains Available Include:
Red | Bent, Bali, MD, Elephant, Super, Hulu, Borneo, Cambodian, Thai

White | Indo, Horn, Elephant, MD, Super, Dragon, Hulk, Hulu, Jong Kong

Green | Malay, Super, MD, Horn, Dragon, Hulk, Thai, Hulu, Tiger

Yellow & Gold Strains to!

#MBC Botanicals understands that many joining or curious about the Kratom Community may have hesitant feelings flair on if our products are right for them or in spending hard earned money. So why restrict new comers from being roped into buying something they may not enjoy.
“Though we firmly know this is never the case with proper support!”

We wish to continue to provide the best product at the best prices from just starting the journey to our wholesale customers who so strongly put faith in our products for those in their communities.

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