Leaf of Love “Contributions”


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Proceeds go to helping others in need of Kratom!

Basket Includes the following items. Each purchase is an entry to win!

3x 250 Gram Bags of our premium Kratea “Green Malay, Red Bent, White Super

10x 1Oz Kratea Samples “Yellow, Red Bali, Green Hulk, Pink Lady, Special Reserve, Red Cambodian, Gold, White Hulk, White Indo, Green Super

1x 1 Oz Sample Mitra Coffee

1x 1 Oz Sample Kanna Powder

1x 1 Oz Sample Instant Kava

1x 1 Oz Sample Poly Gold

1x Kratea Tea Bags “Green”

1x MiT70 Tablets 2 Pack

1x 5g Rands Remedy


1x Delta 8 Water Soluble “3.5 Grams”

1x Delta 8 / CBD Tincture 500mg/500mg




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