Kline's Korner 2020 Award

Best Cheesesteaks 2020

For our second year in a row Kline's Korner Awards Kava Korner with BEST CHEESE STEAK of 2020!

NEPA Food Photographer, Marketing Manager & Local Business/Restaurant Promoter

Klines Korner strives to promote North East Pennsylvania's latest restaurant openings, hot menu items, and specials!

Kline's Korner 2020 Award

Best Staff Kava Korner 2020

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with each and every customer so much so Kava Korner was voted BEST STAFF of 2020! 

We humbly accepted this award with a promise to continually stride for more!

Kline's Korner 2020 Award

Best Take Out / Curbside 2020

2020 was a hard year for small business in general. But that did not stop us from doing our absolutely best to provide for the families that surround us in our community.

Being awarded best Take Out & Curbside Pick Up may to some feel as a general nod but we took the safety and care of our customers to a new level due to the Covid-19 Pandemic being picked for best Curbside Pick up seems a bit more gratifying for 2020!

Kline's Korner 2020 Award

Best Cheesesteaks 2019

Our first year being awarded Best Cheesesteaks of 2019 for Kava Korner! 

Kline's Korner 2020 Award

Best Wing Bites 2019

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